STUDY TIPS – What you’ve been doing wrong

So it’s that time of the year again. Books, calculators, essays and a hell of a lot of coffee. Exams aren’t easy for any of us. (Unless you’re Sheldon Cooper.)

Now here’s where I tell you how I tackle exams:

I’ve always been one of those people who leave studying for the last few hours before I sit for a paper, but this time I thought I would confront these hell-like exams slightly differently by making myself a plan. A few months ago I bought myself a cute little planner so that maybe I could become more organized. And it worked! Making myself a timetable has made me more planned so that I know what to do and what not to do.

Do not make yourself an extremely strict timetable because let’s be real – no one’s going to follow that. Keep it simple. You are definitely going to find yourself sticking to your plan that way.

Your brain and body are your assets – make sure you don’t overwork yourself. I know quite a few people that tend to force themselves to study without taking a break but what they don’t understand is that breaks are essential.

You should relax, eat some good food and watch some TV. (A couple episodes of Friends isn’t going to cause any harm, right?) I personally prefer going outdoors for a while and get my blood flowing! Sitting all day can make you extremely lethargic. Yes, I am talking out of experience. Why not try go for a walk or a light jog? It’ll make you more fit and energetic so that you can focus all your energy on studying afterwards.

Now here’s what my friends and I do – we absolutely cannot stay home all day and study, so we head out to study! Sometimes, studying in groups can be a fun way to remember things, so I suggest you step out there and make plans with your friends to get some reading done.

For those of you that live in Nairobi – there’s lots of Coffee shops and restaurants that you can head to like Java House, Art Caffe, Big Square (because they make amazing coffee) and Dorman’s. My friends and I usually head out to Big Square to get in some coffee and good comfort food to indulge in while engaging in some healthy debate.

A lot of people tend to get pressurized during exams because of the big question – “What if I don’t get the grades I need to get into a good University/college?”

You know what? You have got your entire life ahead of you, and this means lot’s more opportunities to achieve what you have always wanted. Grades do not define your intellectual. If you are anything like me, you’re probably not the smartest fish in the sea, but that doesn’t mean that getting good grades is going to define who you really are. I say you step out of your comfort zone and try to achieve something that you’ve always wanted! That is what’s going to define your true intelligence 🙂

I am definitely not the best at giving people study tips (as you all have noticed, this post has been more of a rant than anything else) but hopefully I have helped you to see more than just exams and grades.

Study hard, stay strong, worry less, eat healthy and take a break. With a calm & positive mind, I guarantee you all will pass your exams with flying colours!

Each and every one of you reading this post right now is much smarter than any exam that you sit for, so why worry?

Good luck to all of you sitting for your exams, i’m sure you will get the grades you deserve! 🙂

Study Essentials!

Study Essentials!


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