Picturesque Diani

Hey everyone! It’s way past exam time and the summer (or not so summer) holidays are upon us! I know, it has been a couple of months since I last posted but I have been quite busy doing serious people stuff. (not really) Anyway, I thought it should be time to write a little bit about my short trip to Diani to awaken my holiday memories once again.

So for those of you that don’t know where Diani is – Diani Beach is a major beach on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya (in eastern Africa) and is located about 30 kilometers south of Mombasa. Diani is a really small, rich place with an equally magnificent ocean that calls to you.

My friends and I stayed at the Baobab Beach Resort for about a week, more of a post-exam celebration and it was absolutely crazy! From all the swimming, to the good food, to the beach and the crazy nightlife and just everything in general.

“What’s there to blog about a Post-A Level trip where you probably even remember half of your trip?” I’ve got that a lot, to be honest. But hey, everyone needs to know what a magical place Diani is, and i’m more than happy to share that!

As you can see the picture above is the private beach that we could use since we lived at the resort and it is picture perfect. The sound of the waves crashing onto the shore over and over and over again, the clear blue skies with the golden sun shining right on your body, the sandy, cold water that touching your feet as you feel the breeze around you – I promise, you’ll never feel more alive. I felt spellbound by the Ocean.

Other than that, the food was divine, the people were amazing and the nights were crazy! Eight nights of non-stop partying on the beach at the East African coast with the people you love- what more could you possibly ask for?

Other than staying at the hotel for all the 8 days, we decided to step out of the hotel (which I am extremely proud of) and we went for dinner to a Cave restaurant nearby. That was a unique experience on its own! The cave was all lit up, the decor was very well done and detailed and the service was great!

Cave Restaurant with my favorite people!

Bikini - New Look Kaftan - H&M Head Piece - Woolworths

Bikini – New Look
Kaftan – H&M
Head Piece – Woolworths

Anyway that is all on my trip (probably because I don’t remember much of it.) Please do leave your comments on what you think about this post! 🙂


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