My Top 10 favourite musicians

I’ve been meaning to share a blog post on my favourite musicians with you guys, because what better way to share your love with people than the art of music?
My taste in music keeps changing really quickly. One moment I’ll be jamming to some Avicii and Martin Garrix ( which tbh, isn’t that often) and the next moment I’ll be singing along to some good ol’ Hey Jude by the Beatles! Next thing I know, I’ll be sobbing in bed to some Ed Sheeran and Kodaline… Feels SO strong, you can’t handle.
I guess that’s what music does to you, it has the power to change your mood within seconds. Nevertheless, here’s a list of my Top 10 favourite musicians:

1. Vance Joy – my favourite song is Snaggletooth
2.James Bay – my favourite song is If You Ever Want To Be In Love
3. Jeremy Loops – modern folk musician, something different 🙂 my favourite song is Sinner
4. Coldplay – my CURRENT favourite song is Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
5. JP Cooper – my favourite song is Colour Me In Gold
6. Andreas More – my favourite song is Step Down From It
7. Skinny Living – my favourite song is The Journey
8. The Lumineers – my favourite song is Stubborn Love
9. Carter Harrell – my favourite song is Bandits
10. We Were Evergreen – my favourite song is Golden Fire

Leave your comments below on what you think of these musicians and also do feel free to share your favourite  music! Thanks for passing by folks, hope you enjoyed reading this post and do expect more blog-posts coming your way. 🙂


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